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Planning for Hardware Upgrades

Small businesses and even larger businesses struggle with hardware upgrades. It's difficult to know what is needed versus what is nice to have. It involves everyone in the company including the top-level managers and the folks that work on computers nearly their entire workweek. It would be nice to have the best equipment for every employee, but in a world of tight budgets it's just not always easy to make everyone happy by providing the best equipment.

Hardware upgrades are difficult, but here are a few areas of focus we use to create hardware upgrade plans that make the process easier for you and employees.

Managing Business Hardware Upgrades

Hardware upgrading can be more than an area of lost efficiency within a business. Employees using old hardware can become frustrated with management. Hardware upgrading processes need to be communicated to the staff so there is an understanding of why decisions are being made. It's a simple step in the process that can really improve your company morale on a touchy subject like computer hardware upgrading.

Computer Hardware Upgrades

The actual computer your employees use is what is most often the cause for concern when it comes to upgrading. Your employees want something they are familiar with and know how to use, but they also want something that allows them to work to the best of their ability. It's easy to say, but a slow computer can really be frustrating and can cost your business money if an issue goes unresolved.

Most companies look at hardware upgrades between 3 and 5 years. For most jobs today computers can hold up for that amount of time without any issues. There are outliers of course depending on the nature of the job and the nature of your industry.

Our seasoned consultants will work with you to figure out what hardware is best for your business situation. Our experts will have knowledge of computer hardware as well as knowledge of your business processes and should be able to save you money in hardware purchases because they know where to get the best deals.

Internet Connection and Bandwidth

Your Internet connection can actually play a role in how your computer hardware performs. Today, many applications and processes are done on the Web so it makes sense that slowness could be a result of a connection speed instead of an issue with the actual computer.

Internet connection and bandwidth is not cheap, but it's becoming more cost effective. If your company is growing and using the Internet more, then it might make sense to invest in connection hardware and access a little more than in computer hardware.

Outsource Storage and Software

Finally, cloud storage and Internet software can save you money with hardware investment. You can actually save on the hardware needed to run applications because the software and the storage are not taking place on your machines. You can use cloud services and online software applications to perform basic business functions. It's great for collaboration within your company and with partners plus you can save on hardware costs.